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Friday, July 21, 2017

Ultimate Cleaning Tips for Your Business (continued)...

Clean your computer. Studies have shown that your office keyboard might be dirtier than a toilet seat. Think about it: you use your keyboard day in and day out, and a lot of oil from your fingers accumulates on the keys. This creates the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria that has the potential to harm your health. To clean, simply unplug your keyboard and gently shake it upside down above a trash can to remove any crumbs. Then, wipe the surface with an alcohol wipe or cotton ball soaked with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. For the monitor, first turn off the computer then use an electronics wipe or microfiber cloth to get any dust off the screen. Make sure your electronics are completely dry before plugging them back in or turning them on.
Check your air filters. Spring is in the air – literally. And all that pollen floating around could mean major triggers for office allergies. Your air filters should be cleaned or replaced every 12 weeks. When was the last time your office air filters were checked? A clean filter means better breathing for everyone in your office, and it could help get rid of some of that winter stuffiness.
Make it fun. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Invite your coworkers to participate in a spring cleaning party. Set out some snacks and put on some music while you all work together to improve the work environment for the whole office.
So as the weather starts warming up, kick out those winter blues and start cleaning. You will feel better and your coworkers will thank you!

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